Anytime you’re looking for teeth cleaning in Tulsa you are going to want to check out Tulsa modern dental. A great company here in the Tulsa area with a great staff on hand. Starting with Dr. Miriam Hanna. She’s been practicing for about 20 years now and there’s plenty of other hygiene in there that are just as qualified as Dr. Hanna as well. And you know we really just have to kind of look at first of all why would you want to come here. Well let me explain the experience here is like none other. And you can tell that by the reviews that we have on line on our Web site Tulse a modern dental dot com. It also has other videos of Dr. Hanna and what she offers and kind of where she’s came from. So if we take a quick moment just to look at the place that she did come you know come from here she you know she’s coming from a a a background you know in dentistry for multiple years. She’s you know been in the Tulsa area off Harvard and Thirty fifth Street for quite a while now. People love the location it’s right there off the beaches. You can see it when you come off people know that it’s indicative of the same exit. They say oh I’ve taken that exit before so it’s very easy to find it’s located in a great spot so teeth cleaning in Tulsa has now made greatly easier by the Tulsa modern dental team here.

And they are a great experience when you come in you’re going to get something that is tailored directly to you with a comprehensive dental clinic and they provide all the services that you would need when going to a dental hygienist now they have an amazing hygienist that has been practicing for over 20 years like I said just basic deep cleanings for people who have period periodontal disease. We provide services including fillings extractions dentures and crowns. They also do a lot of cosmetic procedures as well so people they want to get their teeth whitened or get veneers they can fix those as well. So teeth cleaning in Tulsa is no longer a question. It is now only a directive of Tulsa modern dental and that really is what we strive to do here is be the pinnacle of teeth cleaning in Tulsa and not only teeth cleaning in Tulsa but the full spectrum of services such as the surgeries. You know. Anesthetic things like that sedation we were able to give a lots of services because of the extensive knowledge that we’ve had through years of practice and and working in this field. So if you feel like you might need to you know get some teeth cleaning in Tulsa please give us a try here at Tulsa modern dental and go find us online at Tulsa dot com or call 9 1 8 5 9 1 3 5 3 5 you can also check us out on Facebook and Twitter.

If you’re savvy with those and just see why comfort quality and peace of mind is the motto here at modern dentistry and we hope that you too can see and feel the special passion that we have for our customers not only now and ones in the future how much we care about them here at modern dental.