Teeth Cleaning

My name is Dr. Mariam Hanna and my dental practice is Tulsa Modern Dental located in the heart of midtown Tulsa. Teeth cleanings are one of the things that we find most important. When you start with cleaning and exam and x-rays, we’re able to diagnose any problems that you may be having. In addition to that, we offer all kinds of restorative procedures. Fillings, crowns, dentures, implant crowns, and anything else that we might need to do to restore form and function to your life. The first step in taking care of your oral health is coming in for a Tulsa teeth cleaning at Tulsa Modern Dental. We find that when you are proactive and you come in for your six-month cleanings, we can always prevent a lot of serious problems from happening. When you only come in when something is hurting, or something feels wrong, it puts us on the defensive and it leaves the patient and the doctor with very few options. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning