Why TMD Stands Out From Others

The thing that makes Tulsa Modern Dental stand out from other dental practices, is the open and airy feeling of the office. We really strive to not make it feel like a dental office. We kept the rooms big, we kept it colorful, just open so that people don’t always have that claustrophobic anxiety that they complain about when they go to the dentist. The other thing we did was make it as comfortable as possible. We got Memory-Foam chairs. We got the latest technology in dental equipment so that the sounds were reduced. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

A lot of people complain about the sounds in the dental chair, so we really tried to keep it quiet and comfortable so that people forget about where they are. The other thing that we joke around about here is that we have Nitrous and Netflix. You come in, you relax, you get some laughing gas, you watch Netflix and you’re all done and I find that when people come and see the space and they are comfortable, all of that dental anxiety kind of melts away and then they’re able to take care of their oral health instead of focus on the anxiety that was keeping them from coming in in the first place. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning