Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

Hi, I’m Dr. Mariam Hanna, DDS and my dental office is Tulsa Modern Dental in the heart of midtown Tulsa. Oral hygiene is our number one focus here in our practice because a healthy mouth leads to a healthy body. Getting your teeth cleaned is the start of that process. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

Tulsa teeth cleanings are really important because it provides us a way to look at your mouth and diagnose any problems that you might be having. That includes your Tulsa teeth cleaning, it includes your exam, your X-rays. Anything else that might help us diagnose any problems you’re having or maintain the good level of oral healthcare that you’ve been doing at home. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

Here at Tulsa Modern Dental, we are located in midtown Tulsa. Teeth cleanings are our number one priority but that’s not where it ends. We always want to make sure that for your oral hygiene visits, you get a probe which measures your gum pockets. You also get X-rays and a full comprehensive exam every time you come in. We want to check your bone height, we want to make sure your gums are healthy, and we also want to make sure your teeth are staying nice and clean. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

It’s a very dynamic process between the doctor and the hygienist. The first thing I’d like people to do is really take charge of their oral healthcare at home. Here in Tulsa, we have a high rate of smoking. And so getting a Tulsa teeth cleaning is really important because if you’ve been a smoker for a long time, you have got to come in for those oral hygiene check-ups here in the office. Tulsa Teeth Cleaning