A Brief Dental History

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Humans have been dealing with the issues of oral health since before written history began. Archeologists have uncovered early human skeletons that showed signs of ancient dentistry having been practiced upon their teeth. Some of the earliest practices, from what the scientists have been able to determine, involved boring into the teeth with some form of early dental drill. Perhaps it shouldn’t surprise us that dentistry, in various forms, dates back thousands of years. Next to our hands, human teeth have been one of our most successful and essential natural tools. We often take them for granted, but our teeth are highly specialized through millennia of evolution to enable us to pull from a broad range of food types for our body’s sustenance. This would have been even more important in the early days of our species. Fortunately for us, we live in a time where there are true experts of caring for our teeth. Come to Tulsa Modern Dental and see an expert for your Tulsa teeth cleaning.

Early Dentistry

Archaeologists have found evidence of dental work in teeth dating as far back as thirteen thousand years. The teeth displayed evidence that they had been drilled, filled, and capped. A rather astoundingly thorough procedure when you think about. That’s not all that different from some of what we do today. Despite its initial shock, this discovery should come as no real surprise. Our teeth haven’t changed in the last thirteen thousand years, and beyond what our modernized diet has wrought, neither have their needs. While those early procedures are similar in effort to some modern dentistry, the practice has grown dramatically more effective and efficient. Modern fillings are far superior to the beeswax and other such materials that our ancestors used.

The Emergence of Modern Dentistry

The ancient Greeks spoke and wrote on the topic of dentistry, though they certainly weren’t the first to do so. In its early form there were competing theories of the most remarkable nature as to why things went wrong in the mouth. For instance, the idea that tooth degradation was a result of worms that bore through the teeth. Or that tooth decay was a result of unwanted attention from malevolent spirits. Now we know that it’s largely due to the excretions of bacteria and the breakdown of foods in our mouths that causes tooth decay. This is a fairly recent revelation, though. It wasn’t until the mid to late 1800s that dentistry began to take off in the form we know today. That century saw the establishment of the very first dental college and the formation of the American Dental Association.

The Truth Today

As we know it, Dentistry is a modern thing, made up of modern ways of viewing the world. In the distant past, though, the determination of your oral health could vary drastically from society to society. But though the field had yet to achieve a uniform and centralized status, dentistry has been present, in different ways, for nearly ten thousand years.

If people have been wise enough to take care of their teeth for thousands of years, then there’s no excuse for us to start becoming lax about it in the modern era. Our teeth remain an essential part of our biology, to this day, and it is vital for each of us that we keep them healthy and strong. Don’t wait until the problems start, schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment today!