Adult Dental Anxiety

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We all have to go to the dentist, and quite a few of us don’t like it. Studies have consistently shown that a large portion of people who avoid seeing the dentist do so as a result of various levels and types of anxiety. Sometimes that anxiety is about the anticipated cost of seeing a dentist, or it may be a fear that can’t entirely be put into words but is nevertheless very real and present in our minds. Whatever the cause and style, there are ways to work around it. From tricking our brains, pushing through and gritting our teeth, or making proper use of medications. Come to Tulsa Modern Dental for a Tulsa teeth cleaning and ask the dentist which approach is best for you!

Preventative Stress Reduction Techniques

There are quite a few ways to work on our own, at home, at reducing our anxiety or tension around going to the dentist. This may be as simple as listening to soothing music in a dark room or getting our anxious energy out through exercise before our appointment. Meditation or prayer have both been shown to reduce tension and stress and can be used on the day of your Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment to safeguard you against these uncomfortable feelings.

Bring a Distraction

For some, it may be that getting to the dentist isn’t all that disconcerting, but once there the stress sets in. In this situation, it can be a great idea to bring a distraction for yourself. Something that can occupy your mind while the dentist does their work. Things like video games, music, or books can work excellently for this. Perhaps you’re someone who likes to make lists, if so, being stuck in a chair can be a perfect time to let your brain list out its priorities and impending tasks.

Ask About Medical Help

Not all anxiety is so easily dealt with, and for some of us, it may be wise to seek medical aid in treating these symptoms. You can ask the dentist about the use of local anesthetics, or overall sedation during the visit. If anxiety is a serious and recurring problem, then you may consider talking to your primary care physician about a small amount of anxiety medication to take as needed for situations such as this.

Don’t Give Yourself Time to Think

For those of us with anxiety, we know the perils of dwelling on uncomfortable feelings and thoughts. In this case, it may be best to try to keep your actions moving faster than your thoughts. Don’t stop to think about calling and scheduling that appointment, just do it. The same goes for getting there on the day of the appointment. If we let ourselves spin in mental circles around the event, we may never get around to actually taking care of it. This won’t work for all forms of anxiety but has been shown to be successful for some. So, don’t hesitate; schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment now!