Daily Oral Care

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We humans often have a hard time with maintenance. Whether it’s cleaning our homes, our cars, or our teeth, we tend to have difficulty keeping up with these chores. The very word chore may sum up some of the problem. We view these activities as a type of burden or imposition. Why can’t stuff just stay clean, right? Well, the answer is simple. Things would stay clean if we didn’t use them. Or, at least, they’d stay cleaner.

However, what’s the point of having these things if we don’t use them? Especially teeth. Our teeth are one of our most amazing features. Designed to eat a wider variety of food than almost any other mammal on earth. Not only that, but they’ve developed into playing key social roles as well. The importance of smiles in social interactions has become so common over the centuries that few of us even question the why of it.

Smiling may not dirty our teeth but eating sure does. This is why at-home daily oral care is so critical. We eat every day and so we need to clean every day. Food particulates and sugars hang out on our teeth and feed the bacteria that live there. These bacteria then secrete a highly acidic waste when they’re done consuming our leftovers. This waste burns holes in our enamels and leads to cavities and even more extreme tooth decay.

Worry not, though, with proper daily care and a twice-yearly Tulsa teeth cleaning your teeth will stay clean and healthy. In the morning, preferably after eating breakfast, grab your brush and floss and take the few minutes needed to protect these wonderful chompers. With a fluoride-containing toothpaste take your brush and gently move it across your teeth in a slightly circular motion. It’s important not to be too rough when brushing, as this can wear away at the enamel that we’re trying to protect.

Once done with that, take your floss and carefully work it in between each tooth, gently pulling it up and down each side of each tooth. Between these two activities, you will clear the food particulates and sugar from your teeth. Do this, and you starve those pesky bacteria of the food they need if they want to damage our teeth.

Even with proper daily care, we can experience buildup of plaque and tartar in our mouths. Plaque is essentially just strongholds of bacteria that have grown too dense and tough for simple brushing and flossing to dislodge. This is a pain, but like so many annoyances, it’s just part of maintaining our bodies. To clear our teeth of this stuff, we need to see the dentist for a Tulsa teeth cleaning. They have the tools and knowledge to get rid of this hard-to-remove nastiness.

When it comes down to it, this is a pretty simple investment. Perhaps ten minutes a day can deal with the majority of what endangers our teeth. Unlike our cars and our houses, cleaning our teeth is easy and brief. Not only that, but there’s a real physical consequence to letting this chore slide by undone. So, don’t forget to take care of those chompers. Moreover, schedule yourself a Tulsa teeth cleaning.