Dealing With Teeth Grinding

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Teeth Grinding: Causes and Solutions

While teeth grinding is often associated with stress, it can also be the result of unconscious activity in your sleep. The truth is, there are many contributing factors that lead us to grind our teeth. Whether it’s while you’re awake or asleep, grinding your teeth can cause damage to your teeth and complicate your oral health. Just as there are many things that can contribute to, or cause, your teeth grinding and there are many ways to deal with it and to prevent it from causing lasting damage to your teeth. For many of us, there are things we can do at home, but it is still important to ask for the advice of your dentist at you Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment. They may just reaffirm what we’ve learned on our own, or they may have a completely different solution available to offer. Either way, you’ll leave their office knowing that your course of action is the one recommended by true experts.


Many different elements of our physiology and our lives can contribute to teeth grinding. Things like having an asymmetrical bite, missing teeth, crooked teeth, stress, sleep disorders, and muscle tension in the neck or jaw region can all contribute to teeth grinding. Even our diet can play a role; nutritional gaps can lead to higher rates of muscle cramps throughout the body. Sleeping in uncomfortable positions or conditions can even be a factor. This may seem overwhelming, and like we’re simply destined to grind our teeth, but there many things that can be done to combat this harmful discomfort. First, you’ll want to attend a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment so that your dentist can provide insight into the specifics of your teeth grinding. They will be able to find the cause or causes and direct you towards the solutions most appropriate for you and your teeth.


We all have sources of stress in our lives and we all cope with them differently. The nature of life is not one that permits us to live stress-free, but we can all take steps to minimize our stress exposure and to maximize the efficacy of our stress reduction techniques. There are a few steps that can be applied to all of us, though.

Schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment and see your dentist at least twice a year. Find methods of psychological stress reduction that work for you. These might range from exercise to meditation, to simply listening to relaxing music. It can, and likely will, be different for each of us. Pursue methods of muscular tension reduction. For some, the methods of psychological relaxation and muscular relaxation may overlap, or even be the same. Key methods for muscular relaxation include yoga, general stretching, submersion in hot water, and maintain healthy posture. Even our diets can impact our capacity for mental and physical relaxation. There is a simple workaround, and there is no reason not to pursue this method along with the others. The use of a mouth guard while sleeping can prevent your teeth grinding from causing damage to your oral health.


There are numerous approaches to dealing with the problem of teeth grinding. Which solutions work best for you will depend on what specifically contributes to your teeth grinding. It may also depend on your personality and your lifestyle. Some people are able to listen to a favorite song, close their eyes and simply let the mental and physical stress melt away. For many of us, it isn’t that simple. For all of us, though, the best course of action is to get the advice of a dentist and to schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment.