Don’t Ignore That Missing Tooth

Don’t Ignore That Missing Tooth.jpg

We all go through the process of losing our baby teeth, and the majority of us will lose some of our adult teeth as well. Often times losing a tooth is painful. The tooth’s vacancy acts as a wound. While these areas are prone to infection, they will usually hurt even when they aren’t infected. Naturally, there are also those situations where the thing that causes us to lose a tooth hurts a whole lot more. Like that one time with the ladder that hopefully, no one saw. There are times, however, when a person loses a tooth and doesn’t experience any significant pain from it. As you might imagine, this is relatively rare. More common, but similarly problematic, is the scenario wherein we lose a tooth and just push through the pain and keep on with our lives as if that hole in our mouth wasn’t a problem. We ignore the lost tooth and the trouble that it promises. Don’t let your oral care get away from you. Make sure to get your twice-yearly Tulsa teeth cleaning.

Ignoring these lost teeth is, of course, a mistake. Not only are these wounds a gateway for infection but having a sudden alteration in the layout of our teeth will often leave the rest of them struggling to find a new balance. Our teeth keep each other in order, and if even one disappears from the ranks, it can, over time, dramatically alter the alignment of the rest. What this means for us is that our teeth will become crooked and increasingly spaced out over time as they shift to fill the vacuum created by the lost tooth. This can be inconvenient for eating and smiling but, more seriously, it can also lead to health complications of a more objective nature. During your next Tulsa teeth cleaning, let them show how this shifting of teeth can look.

Now it may be tempting to ignore these dire warnings just like we’re thinking of overlooking that hole in our mouths, but we really shouldn’t. There are way too many options in modern dental medicine to simply go without. Teeth are items of easy replacement for dentists in the modern era. Whether it be one tooth, two teeth next to each other, five teeth scattered about, or every last tooth; modern dentistry has viable replacement options for any such array of tooth loss.

By age fifty, Americans, on average, have lost twelve teeth. This may seem staggering, but it is also quite manageable. Not only can we bring that number down but we can continue to find means of keeping tooth loss from being a significant impediment for people. For the youth, we can impart good oral hygiene practices and the necessary dental education. For those of us who are older and already part of those statistics, we can get the replacements we need, take proper care of them, and use our experience as a guiding tool for those who are younger and may still have a chance of learning something the easy way. Wherever we are, and whoever we are, we all need to remember to see our dentist twice a year for a Tulsa teeth cleaning. Schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment with Tulsa Modern Dental today!