Eating Sugar and Avoiding Cavities

Eating Sugar and Avoiding Cavities.jpg

With Halloween just past us, many of us are loaded down with candy. And if we aren’t, our kids are. One question always arises during the annual candy season. Just how bad is this stuff for us? The answer isn’t what we want to hear. It’s quite dangerous for our teeth. Two elements within the world of candy are the primary culprits behind this. Sugar and the abrasive structure of hard candy. Ask your dentist at your next Tulsa teeth cleaning how they deal with their children and candy.

Sugar feeds the bacteria in our mouth. These bacteria are the main enemy in our struggles for good oral hygiene. Hard candies wear away at the enamel of our teeth. These two elements can work together to damage our teeth. The bacteria being fed by the sugar release their waste onto our teeth and it is acidic enough to eat away at the enamel. Without enamel, these bacteria and their waste can work their way into the inside of the tooth. From there, they can lead to the complete decay of a tooth.

Thankfully, these processes can take a good while to lead to any serious amount of damage. Eating a handful of candy, or even a Halloween bucket full, won’t rot your teeth out right away. Just don’t leave the sugar sitting around in your mouth. If you’re brushing and flossing twice a day, you should be in the clear. Even so, it’s a good idea to clean your teeth after eating things that are heavy in sugar. This doesn’t have to be a full brushing every time you eat sugar. It can be as simple as swishing water vigorously around in your mouth.

Like so many things in life, our teeth can hold up well if we treat them with proper and regular maintenance. So, we don’t need to read these facts about sugar and tooth decay to be quite as gloomy as they sound. With good daily care of our teeth, the dangers of sugar, whether from candy or other sources, can mostly be avoided. Remember to brush and floss your teeth twice every day, and you should be okay. Not only that, but your smile will impress the dentist at your next Tulsa teeth cleaning.

This doesn’t mean go out and eat all the candy you can find. It just tells us that a bit of candy isn’t going to destroy our teeth, provided we are taking proper care of them. And none of this addresses the other, non-dental, health issues that come along with candy and sugars. When it comes to your teeth, though, these daily routines of oral hygiene can mitigate most of the dangers of sugar consumption. The trick is to starve the bacteria. Sure, you can try to do this by avoiding sugars, but our bodies need sugar, and it’s in lots of our food. It’s better to keep that sugar from lingering in your mouth long enough for the bacteria to eat it. If the bacteria are allowed to flourish, plaque will eventually grow, and this takes a Tulsa teeth cleaning to remove.

With these things in mind, we can all relax a little bit when it comes to our children. They just got buckets full of candy, and we know they and their friends will be eating the stuff for weeks to come. Just make sure to pay extra attention to how they care for their teeth while the candy lasts. This will stave off cavities and help them, and you, avoid some unplanned dental appointments that might otherwise arise from the season of candy. And make sure you’ve scheduled your twice-yearly Tulsa teeth cleaning, for you and your family!