Fun Mouth Facts

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We all know the basics, but there’s a lot more to the human mouth than many of us realize. Chewing food and making noise is just the beginning. So, while you’re working yourself up to calling the dentist to schedule your Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment, give these strange factoids a quick read. There is plenty to be amazed at when it comes to the human mouth.


Teeth are surprisingly complex, each tooth has its own blood supply and nerves. Though they may seem like little more than fancy chewing bones embedded within our gums, they are so much more. They are a living part of our highly specialized bodies. Not only that, but our teeth are much larger than they appear. Much of the tooth is hidden beneath the gum line. As much as one-third of their length, in fact.

The way our teeth are situated is just as unique to each of us as a fingerprint. This is why in so many crime tv shows we hear about using dental analysis to identify people. While the practical uses of this information are quite morbid, it remains a fascinating tidbit nonetheless!

The enamel that protects your teeth is the hardest material produced by the human body. Think about that for a moment. The thin layer of shiny coating that covers your teeth is actually harder than your bones, or anything else in your body. When you consider how we’ve used our teeth over the millennia, and the needs of evolution that were placed upon them, this really isn’t as surprising as it might initially seem.


Smiling has been linked to increased production of antibodies in the blood so that by smiling we are literally boosting our body’s immune system. There’s always the conventional wisdom of ‘fake it tell you make it’, but usually that’s accepted as being a matter of social and psychological forces. That scientists have found evidence of the simple act of smiling doing something so amazing as boosting our physical immune system is just remarkable!

The Uvula

That strange hanging thing at the back of your mouth is called the uvula and it actually serves a very important function. This is a strange one, and many of us have surely found it inconvenient at times. Most of the time we don’t notice the uvula, but during times of illness and inflammation in the back of the mouth and upper throat, the uvula can feel like it’s making us gag. Its real purpose is pretty amazing, though. This strange part of our mouth is one of the main methods for keeping food from going up into our sinus cavities when we swallow. Something I think we can all agree is fairly important.

The Tongue

The tongue isn’t a single muscle but a coordinated collection of muscles all working together. There are eight of them in fact. Four known as intrinsic and four as extrinsic. The two categories are used to distinguish their role in the movements and function of the tongue. While human musculature, in general, is a remarkable feat of biology, this one takes the cake. Sometimes literally.

Like the set of your teeth or the prints of your fingers, the imprint of your tongue is completely unique to you. There isn’t much practical use for this fact, at least currently, but it remains another fascinating bit of individualization about each of us!

Now that you’ve learned some fun facts about the mouth, take the time to preserve this important part of your body. Schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment with Tulsa Modern Dental today!