Halloween Gets a Tulsa Teeth Cleaning

Halloween Gets a Tulsa Teeth Cleaning.jpg

Halloween is just around the corner and we all know what that means—costumes and treats. Many families are already loaded down with candy and ready to go. According to the National Retail Federation, Americans are expected to spend as much as $2.7 billion on Halloween candy this year; a new record. Now, that’s great for the economy, and for the joy of children (and let’s be honest, adults too), but it’s not so great for our teeth; despite how darn good it tastes.

It’s common knowledge that candy is bad for our teeth, but some kinds are much worse than others. When considering oral hygiene and concerned about tooth decay, sugar candy is the culprit to be on the lookout for. Sugar is among the number one causes of tooth decay in humans. But, not to worry, there are many precautions that adults can take to protect their own oral hygiene, and that of their children. Start by focusing on keeping the candies that have lower sugar content, and avoiding both hard and chewy candies. Not only are these kinds often higher in sugar, but because they take longer to eat, they also expose your teeth to sugar for a longer period of time, which increases the risk of dental health problems. Also consider giving out sugar-free gum: to yourself, your own children, and to trick-or-treaters. The process of chewing the gum increases salivation in the mouth, which helps to prevent cavities, reduces plaque buildup, and generally benefits oral hygiene. The most important thing you can do, though, is to keep up with daily oral healthcare by brushing and flossing, and to schedule regular appointments for a Tulsa teeth cleaning.

When it comes to protecting your smile, no one knows better than the teeth cleaning dentist. And when you go in for a Tulsa teeth cleaning, you get more than just a cleaning. At Tulsa Modern Dental, you can expect them to be on the lookout for any oral issues that are threatening the health or appearance of your smile. While it’s no longer true that you only get one smile, most people still prefer to avoid dentures for as long as possible (ideally, forever). Thankfully, this is one of those situations where you actually can have your cake and eat it too. With diligent preventative care and regular appointments for your Tulsa teeth cleaning, you can enjoy the candy season knowing that you’ve taken the necessary measures to protect the oral hygiene of yourself and your loved ones. With a visit to the tooth cleaning dentist, you can have a guilt-free Halloween by knowing that your oral hygiene is in the best hands; letting you and your children enjoy a feast of candy without having to worry about anyone losing that winning smile.

So, when buying candy this year, don’t forget to stock up on toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, and sugar-less gum. With such an arsenal, and with a scheduled Tulsa tooth cleaning, you can rest easy this Halloween knowing that you’ve taken all possible steps to ensure that perfect combination of decadent enjoyment and good oral health. You’re not alone in the battle for dental hygiene—let Tulsa Modern Dental help you protect that smile, and schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment today.