Oral Care During Pregnancy

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The list of things you have to keep track of while pregnant is unarguably endless. One of the worst parts for people seems to be the sheer volume of things that they are told are important but aren’t told anything else about. Being told you’re responsible for something, that the outcome is important, and then not being told how to positively impact that outcome… Well, that’s a terribly frustrating situation. So, hopefully, this will clear things up regarding the basic facts of oral care during pregnancy.

Basics of Daily Care

Continue to brush your teeth, as usual, twice a day. Continue to use fluoride-containing toothpaste. This will not cause any harm or risk to the pregnancy. Talk with your obstetrician and dentist about vitamins and nutrients but expect to hear that you should be consuming a good amount of vitamin C, vitamin Bs, and calcium. If you are experiencing gum swelling along with your pregnancy, it can be a smart move to switch to a gentler toothbrush. You can find different brush heads gradated by softness.

If dealing with morning sickness, make sure that you are thoroughly rinsing your mouth afterward, so that stomach acid isn’t staying in your mouth and eating away at the enamel of your teeth. Continue flossing every day but be gentle if you are experiencing swollen gums. And don’t forget to keep up with your regular dental visits for that Tulsa teeth cleaning!

Commonplace Oral Irritations During Pregnancy

If one already has some forms of gum disease, these conditions can worsen during pregnancy. While this isn’t always the case, it is still a good idea to touch base with your dentist about it during your next Tulsa teeth cleaning. The human body tends to have greater rates of plaque buildup during pregnancy than at other times. Some of this has to do with a decrease in the body’s efforts to deal with plaque. Simply make sure that you are continuing with your daily oral care routine and seeing a dentist regularly for your checkups. Any excess plaque that builds up will be cleaned off during your next Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment.

Many women experience various degrees of gum inflammation during pregnancy. This can lead to tenderness and bleeding in the gums. It’s important to continue brushing these areas (gently) and if the bleeding and tenderness persist then show it to your dentist for a professional opinion. Finally, there is a form of tissue growth that can happen in the mouth during pregnancy that is most commonly called pregnancy tumors. Known officially as pyogenic granuloma, they are neither infectious nor malignant. They are growths of tissue that almost always disappear after the baby is born if they aren’t gone sooner.


It’s worth remembering that just because that section is labeled ‘commonplace’ doesn’t mean that you’re going to have all, or any, of these symptoms. Think of it more like a list of things, that if they do present during your pregnancy, are fairly commonly seen and well understood by doctors. This is a good thing. It means that even if you do present with any of these symptoms, there are tried and true methods for dealing with them. Learn more from your dentist; schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment with Tulsa Modern Dental today!