Stop Tooth Decay Before It Starts

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Our teeth serve a lot of functions. Everything from helping us to eat, to creating one of our main social features: our smiles. No one wants to lose their smile, or to watch a loved one lose theirs. Thankfully, with modern care, most cases of tooth decay and tooth loss can be avoided. All it takes is some basic steps of preventive care. Studies have consistently shown that preventative oral health care is the number one way to prevent tooth decay and maintain good oral health.

Good preventive oral health care is a partnership. Teeth need to be brushed and flossed, twice daily, at home, but a tooth cleaning dentist also needs to be seen once or twice a year for regular Tulsa teeth cleaning. It’s as simple as that. Of course, if you have a child, then there is an extra step in this partnership: you must schedule their appointments, as well as your own, and teach them the methods and importance of good preventative oral health care. Despite this simplicity there are millions of Americans every year that don’t take these basic steps for preserving their smile, and their health.

Some are concerned about the costs of dental products and appointments. Yet, the best way to avoid expensive oral health complications is to follow these steps of preventative care. It may involve spending some money in the short run, but it will inevitably save much more in the long run. Daily brushing and flossing, combined with a regular Tulsa teeth cleaning, will protect your smile, your health, and your wallet. The majority of Americans have some form of dental insurance that will help with costs, and here at Tulsa Modern Dental, when you come in for your Tulsa tooth cleaning we work closely with you and your insurer to minimize out-of-pocket costs. And for those patients that don’t have dental insurance, Tulsa Modern Dental provides competitive offers to keep patient costs as low as possible.

When thinking about your smile, or your loved ones’ smiles, just remember a few simple things. Good preventative oral healthcare is the number one best way to keep your teeth, and maintain good oral health. Oral healthcare affects more than just your mouth: infections can spread through the mucous membrane and into the bloodstream, potentially causing dangerous health complications. The healthier you keep your teeth, the easier each dentist visit is going to be. Getting a regular Tulsa teeth cleaning can save you money in the long run. Despite common misconceptions to the contrary, good preventative oral health care is not only the smartest dental option, but also the least painful, least inconvenient, and, ultimately, the least expensive one as well.

When oral health problems remain untreated they can develop into dangerous complications that end up costing thousands of dollars. Most of these problems can be prevented by the steps listed above, and if any do develop, then your dentist can catch them in time at your regular Tulsa tooth cleaning appointment. Take the fear out of oral hygiene and schedule an appointment with our tooth cleaning dentist.