Taking Care of Cavities

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What Leads to Cavities

Like so many oral health problems, this one comes done to bacteria and sugar. When we put food in our mouths, we aren’t just feeding ourselves. We’re also feeding the colonies of bacteria that thrive in there. Sugar is their superfood. When the bacteria gets left unchecked, and sugar is allowed to linger in the mouth, those colonies thrive. When that happens, our teeth suffer the consequences. Oral bacteria secrete substances that eat away at the enamel coating on your teeth. That’s the hard, protective layer that is our teeth’s first and primary defense against damage. The parts of the tooth underneath the enamel are less resistant and erode much faster. So, once the bacteria eat through the enamel, they begin quickly creating holes in the tooth itself. This is the essence of what a cavity is.

How to Prevent Cavities

Thankfully, there is quite a bit that we can do to prevent cavities from developing in our teeth. Moderating our levels of sugar intake, drinking sugarless liquids after meals to rinse away food debris, getting protective sealants on our teeth, proper daily oral maintenance, and seeing your dentist twice-yearly for a Tulsa teeth cleaning. These are our main weapons in the arsenal against cavities. By pursuing these actions, we can prevent the conditions that allow cavities to form. When you limit the growth and health of bacteria in your mouth, you reduce the odds of getting a cavity. But even when following these guidelines, you may still end up getting a cavity at some point in your life. If that does happen, it’s important to know how to handle them.

How to Deal with Cavities

After a cavity has developed, there isn’t much that you can do from home about it. At this point, it is essential that you schedule an appointment with your dentist. Go in for a Tulsa teeth cleaning and have the expert address your cavity. Dentists have the proper tools and applications specifically designed for just this task. They will clean the area of bacteria buildup, fill the cavity in, and apply a sealant around that tooth. Most of the time this is all that will be required, but in some extreme cases—when the tooth decay has gone too far to repair—they may have to extract the tooth. Don’t worry though; there is an abundance of options for cosmetic and functional tooth replacements that your dentist will guide you through.

In Summation

It’s no secret that humans tend to love sugar, nor that we use it as an additive in all sorts of foods and beverages. By no means do you have to give up sugar to stay cavity-free. Just make sure to follow the guidelines mentioned above, and you should be fine. Of most importance is taking proper daily-care of your teeth and seeing the dentist regularly for your Tulsa teeth cleaning. If you’re already experiencing what you think might be cavities, then put yourself in the care of an expert and schedule a dental appointment now.