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Many of us feel like it’s a big deal when we need something more from the dentist than our regular twice-yearly Tulsa teeth cleaning, but lots of other dental procedures are quite common. We all age, deal with the wear and tear of life, and our teeth take that journey right along with us. While brushing and flossing twice daily can keep your teeth in pretty good shape for a while, time will eventually catch up with you. Luckily, there are plenty of things that can be done throughout our lives to help with this. There are preventative measures, treatments for current problems, and even restorative options for those teeth that can’t be saved.


As you’ve already read here, and no doubt heard throughout your life, nothing is more important than at-home daily maintenance of your teeth. Brushing and flossing twice daily is a rule to live by. This simple daily activity can ward away all kinds of oral hygiene problems. The next most crucial step in preventing oral health problems is to schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment twice-yearly. This not only lets the dentist apply cleanings and protective treatments that you can’t get at home, but also allows them to keep a professional eye out for any oral health problems that may be imminent. Catching such problems before they’ve fully developed is integral to maintaining good oral health.

For Developed Problems

It happens. Sometimes daily routines and regular cleanings just aren’t enough. Sometimes accidents happen that impact our oral health. Sometimes it simply comes with age. Many things can lead to oral health problems, but once these problems have developed the important thing to focus on is seeing a dentist as soon as possible. After they’ve looked at and diagnosed the problem, then it is time to see how it may have arisen and how to prevent a reoccurrence in the future. In more extreme cases, the situation may require surgery—though this rarely goes beyond a relatively simple root canal procedure— most problems, especially when caught early, can be treated with relative ease and comfort. Teeth can often be cleaned, repaired, sealed, or capped, but if the tooth has decayed too much, it may need to be extracted. This can sound painful but is actually a simple and painless process. For those teeth that do need to be extracted, you won’t have to worry about gaining gaps in your smile; simply ask the dentist about restorative and cosmetic services at your next Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment.

Restorative Options

From a single tooth to a full set of dentures, there are options for those situations in which the teeth just can’t be salvaged. With modern dentistry, most people can’t even recognize the difference when comparing the smile of two people: where one has the teeth they were born with, and the other has the teeth that were built for them. According to the American College of Prosthodontists “over 36 million Americans have no teeth, and 120 million… are missing at least one tooth.” These may seem like staggering numbers—roughly a third of Americans are missing at least one tooth—but we need to remember how fragile our teeth are, how much longer we are living in this modern era, and how many different substances we are exposing our teeth to in modern life. When you keep all of that in mind, it becomes obvious that most of us will eventually benefit from dental restorative services. If you’re not sure whether your teeth are in need of restorative services, simply ask the dentist at your next Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment.