The Importance of Dental Cleanings

The Importance of Dental Cleanings.jpg

It’s no secret that our dentists want us to come in twice a year for that Tulsa teeth cleaning. What exactly, though, is so important about these checkups? For many of us, they can seem rather mundane and like a much fancier version of what we already do at home with our daily oral hygiene care. It’s a testament to the quality of their work, and our own regular maintenance when these visits are quick and easy. Numerous things are going on during these bi-annual cleanings that we, as patients, cannot replicate at home, despite what we may think.

Even when we take excellent care of our teeth, there continues to be some plaque and tartar buildup on them. This is the sort of stuff that no amount of brushing, flossing, or mouthwash will remove. It takes a dentist, with their specialized tools and skills to rid our teeth of these unwanted bacterial growths. When they do so, it helps to keep our breath fresher and our smile brighter, but most importantly, it helps to prevent enamel degradation and tooth decay.

You may have noticed how much time your dentist spends looking around your mouth during these routine visits. Checking your gums and all of your teeth with their little mirror and their big glasses. Even if we could replicate the imagery they’re getting from this, we wouldn’t have the training and expertise to know what to look for. You see, they aren’t just checking on which teeth have the most plaque and need the most cleaning. They are also looking for warning signs and symptoms of a whole array of oral health problems and complications. This diagnostic work comes with the package when you get a Tulsa teeth cleaning. Dentists can often catch oral hygiene problems before we patients even feel the first symptoms. Needless to say, this is an excellent thing.

Another thing that dentists provide during these cleanings is something that many of us tend to overlook in the modern age of internet availability. These are people who have devoted their studies and their careers to learning everything they can about how to take proper care of the human mouth. No amount of internet searching, no matter how proficient the searcher, can compare to an in-person meeting with a real expert. The internet is fantastic, but it isn’t yet at the point where it can, or will, take a thorough look inside your mouth and provide expert prognostic and diagnostic information. The advent of a.i. may lead to this someday, but that day is still a long ways off. Until then, and perhaps even after, it remains wise to go in twice a year for that Tulsa teeth cleaning with whatever dental questions you might have. These folks spent their lives learning this stuff, and we might as well make use of them.

So, as it turns out, there is a plentitude of reasons for these regular dental cleanings. The ones mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s no fluke of statistics that those of us who take good daily care of our teeth and go in twice a year for dental cleanings experience far less oral health problems throughout our lives. It’s the nature of quality preventative care to keep one feeling like there was never a problem in the first place. Not because there weren’t real problems, but because they get caught and corrected before we ever get to feel the impact of them. With this in mind, go ahead and schedule a dental cleaning with Tulsa Modern Dental today!