The Secret To Healthy Gums

The Secret To Healthy Gums.jpg

We start getting told during early childhood to take care of our teeth. To brush them, floss them, and not leave food sitting around on them. A lot of times, though, a very critical component of oral hygiene gets left out. Without your gums, your teeth aren’t likely to stick around. Taking steps to maintain healthy gums is just as important as taking care of your teeth. A holistic perspective will see the two as being part of a single package. If you want healthy teeth, you take care of your teeth and your gums (plus a whole lot more). And the same goes for if you want healthy gums. For a more in-depth insight into this perspective, just ask your dentist during your next Tulsa teeth cleaning.

As self-care goes, our gums will usually be pretty easy on us if we let them and if we don’t wait too long into our lives before we start taking care of them. Besides keeping them clean of food particulates and bacteria, what are gums need most is regular stimulation. The time to do this, and the method, have strong overlaps with brushing our teeth. When you brush your teeth, you should also be brushing your gums. This clears away food particulates, bacteria clusters, leaves a pleasant scent, and stimulates the gums.

Our gums are pretty tough, but they’re still flesh. When we’re brushing them, it’s important to be gentle. You want to be thorough, getting as much of the gum’s surface space as you can, but you want to avoid causing tears or abrasions in the flesh. Such injuries, though minor, can be painful, lead to infections, and hamper healthy gum growth. The goal with gum stimulation is to gently toughen the exterior of the gums through physical interaction with it (namely, the bristles of the toothbrush), while also increasing or maintaining the health and flow of the veins and capillaries within your gums. It’s not too different from why general movement is good for our vascular system. Your dentist can tell you even more about how brushing your gums helps them at your next Tulsa teeth cleaning.

Having healthy gums is a big part of having healthy teeth and having healthy teeth can be a significant factor in our overall health. Thankfully, loss of teeth isn’t quite as permanent as it used to be. Nowadays, you can get individual replacements, partial dentures, full dentures, and a number of other services that work to functionally and aesthetically replace lost teeth. One of the things dentist are fond of saying is that they can replace all the teeth you might lose, but you’re stuck with the gums that you’ve got. They can make all sorts of fancy replacements for our teeth, but it’s a whole different story with our gums. So, just avoid all the hassle and take care of your gums. The experts are here to help. Schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment with Tulsa Modern Dental today!