The Tools of Modern Dentistry

The Tools of Modern Dentistry.jpg

If you ever come across a historical book on dentistry, one of the many things you might notice is the remarkable advancements that have been made regarding the tools and materials of the practice. While there are genuinely archaic instances of drilling teeth, and relatively old incidents of attempted tooth replacements, much of what modern dentists use is truly cutting edge. From computerized dental imaging equipment to dental implants, the abilities of our dentists are largely dependent on what they have to work with. Thankfully, that’s quite a bit. Come in for a Tulsa teeth cleaning and see for yourself!

Dentures have been around, in one form or another, for quite some time. Certainly not for any length of time from an archeological perspective, unlike early tooth drilling and filling, but for a decent number of years, nonetheless. The materials, designs, and implementations of dentures continue to improve, but already we are beginning to see some much-needed alternatives. Dental implants are filling the role, and holes, where we used to have to rely on full dentures. Nowadays, a dentist can replace anywhere from a single tooth, to a whole section of teeth with these remarkable innovations.

Another remarkable step forward in dentistry is the Intra-Oral camera. This device is exactly what it sounds like—a miniature camera, no bigger than those little mirrors they put in your mouth during your regular Tulsa teeth cleaning. With this camera, they are able to take and stream footage of the inside of our mouths and even zoom in for a close-up look at anything that might indicate a problem. While this doesn’t replace the necessity for more in-depth dental imaging, such as x-rays, it is a formidable addition to the dental arsenal. Remember those large goggle-like glasses dentists sometimes where when they peer into your mouth? This mitigates the need for that, somewhat. Don’t expect to see this nifty tool entirely replacing those mirrors just yet, though.

Looking for something a little more flashy and sci-fi seeming? Check out the use of Dental Lasers. Don’t worry, though, this isn’t really all that flashy or reminiscent of action movies. Lasers are actually quite commonplace in the modern world; used in everything from computers to phones, to cars, to dentistry. The dental laser can be used for making precise incisions with minimal morbidity and bleeding. This allows your dentist to maximize their accuracy while making sure you experience as little discomfort as possible, and all while using a tool that sounds really cool.

Not yet truly mainstream, and perhaps it won’t ever become so, is the fascinating practicing of ozone therapy. This, in essence, uses a specialized form of oxygen to gas the germs and bacteria out of your mouth, sterilizing them into oblivion. Best of all? There’s no discomfort associated with it. This may sound fun and convenient but don’t expect every dentist’s office to have this treatment available, as there are many other means of achieving the same end that is better established in the world of dentistry.

These are just a few of the modern tools of dentistry and new methods, materials, and devices are being researched and developed all the time. In a booming industry like oral health care, there may be no end to the innovations waiting to be unveiled. While we could look at this with the cynicism so natural to consumer culture, it’s worth remembering that each of these innovations is trying to improve upon our shared dental experience. Curious to see what your dentist is using? Schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning and find out!