The Truth About Fluoride

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Over the years there has been a lot of debate around the use of Fluoride, both in our drinking water and in our oral hygiene products. Numerous studies have shown both the safety and the benefits of using fluoride in properly regulated quantities. Some research indicates there is no positive benefit to the ingestion of fluoride but does not dispute the benefits of direct application. The fluoride in our drinking water and in our toothpaste helps to keep our teeth healthy and prolongs their lifespan. You could be thinking that if ingesting it might not help, then how does it being in our water help? The answer is simple: the water runs past our teeth when we drink it, thus exposing them to the fluoride treatment. While this is great, it doesn’t replace the need to see your dentist twice a year for a Tulsa teeth cleaning.

Fluoride exists naturally in earth’s water systems, although there have been many claims to the contrary. While it does exist naturally, it is in much smaller levels than what we employ for fluoridated water. Don’t worry, though, fluoridated water has been studied and tested extensively, and there is no statistical indication of harm. There’s a reason why the dentist uses fluoride when you go in for your Tulsa teeth cleaning. Fluoride provides an important nutrient for our teeth and helps to prevent tooth decay. Every indication is that it’s completely safe when consumed within regulation levels. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) considers fluoridation of water one of the greatest achievements in public health in the 20th century.”2

Some of the most common, and debunked, myths about Fluoride

That it isn’t’ natural: Fluoride exists naturally in water and is created from natural resources. Fluoride is extracted from fluorspar, which is a type of naturally occurring ore. It also comes from what’s known as phosphorite rock. Not only that but fluoride already exists in small quantities throughout earth’s water systems naturally.

Contributes to lower IQ: While this is still a contested matter, many studies show no correlation, while some of the prominent studies that did show a correlation pulled their samples from people who were consuming quantities of fluoride far above regulation levels. There is still ongoing research, but the general consensus among experts is that consuming properly fluoridated water has no impact on cognitive ability.

Causes Cancer and other serious health problems: This area has received a lot of interest and funding and as a result, numerous studies have been performed. The highest quality studies have consistently concluded that fluoride, in properly regulated quantities, is perfectly safe for use. Further, they have established no link between fluoride consumption and cancer, or other serious health concerns.

Causes thyroid issues: One concern that has been brought up repeatedly is that the use of fluoride can lead to thyroid problems. As with the concern about cancer, this has received a fair bit of funding and attention. On this matter, the experts are in agreement that the recommended levels of fluoride do not lead to thyroid illnesses.


Fluoride has gotten a remarkable amount of scrutiny, and throughout it all, it remains what many health professionals agree is one of humanity’s greatest health achievements. With the abundance of studies performed, the consensus among experts, and the consistency of real-world outcomes, it becomes clear that the regulated use of fluoride for dental purposes is a very good idea. So, don’t shy away from fluoride, brush your teeth, and schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment today!