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More than half of dental patients experience sensitive teeth. This issue can occur from the erosion of tooth enamel, receding gum lines that expose the underlayers, some medications, and even from something as simple as grinding your teeth, whether as a quirk of frustration or in your sleep. Enamel loss can happen for many reasons and is the underlying problem in many cases of tooth sensitivity. Bacteria that grow in our mouths and develop into plaque can eat away at the enamel of our teeth by emitting acids as a waste product. Grinding our teeth literally grinds the enamel of off them. Acidic foods and beverages can slowly weaken and remove the enamel from our teeth. As you might have surmised, our oral health is a delicate thing, but with the help of the dentist at your Tulsa teeth cleaning, it can be a simple matter to maintain good oral health, and in so doing avoid developing sensitive teeth.

How to avoid it

Anyone can develop sensitive teeth, though some start out more prone than others. In the case of medications that may cause sensitive teeth, it should be mentioned amongst the possible side effects on the medication label, and if you do experience this side effect you should discuss possible alternatives with the prescribing physician. For those who grind their teeth at night, a simple mouth guard can protect the teeth throughout the night. Depending on the cause, receding gum lines can be treated in a variety of ways; with a common focus on protecting the roots and underlayer of your teeth. If it’s due to bacteria and general poor oral health, then scheduling a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment, and making sure to brush and floss twice daily, may be all you need. The important thing is to pay attention to your oral health and remember that your teeth need protecting and maintaining; two appointments a year and a few minutes a day can save you time, discomfort, and money.

What to do about it

First and foremost, you should schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning and have your dentist take a closer look at what ails you. With their expertise, they can get at the root of the problem and help protect your sensitive teeth and reduce the discomfort that you’re experiencing from your vulnerable teeth. There are numerous treatments that your dentist can speak with you about, and they will help you to pick the one that best suits your needs. One such approach, for mild cases, is to simply switch to a specialized toothpaste; make sure, though, to ask for your dentist’s guidance in selecting which toothpaste to switch to. This can help to ease the discomfort and provide some basic insulation against the pains of sensitive teeth. More serious cases may require that you get either sealants or fillings, depending on how extensive the tooth vulnerability is. Only in the most extreme cases of tooth sensitivity is a root canal likely to be necessary. But don’t worry, though root canals are among the most feared of dental procedures, they actually offer very little discomfort in the world of modern dentistry. With modern tools, anesthetics, and pain medications, root canals can be a relatively mundane and painless experience. That said, you’ll still likely be reassured to know that most cases don’t require root canals.

If you’ve suffered from sensitive teeth, finally put an end to the discomfort and schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment at Tulsa Modern Dental.