Why We Don't Go to the Dentist

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Many of us struggle with going to the dentist for our Tulsa teeth cleaning quite as often as we should. In fact, on average, a lot of us go less often than the experts advise. The American Dental Association (ADA) performed a study to gather some of these reasons and find what the most commonly reported ones were. What they found isn’t particularly surprising—most of us can empathize with the top reasons reported—but it does help to highlight why our reasons for not going to the dentist don’t always make as much sense as we manage to convince ourselves. Below are the top five reasons as found by the ADA’s research.

Top Five Reasons Reported


-My mouth is healthy and I do not need dental care

-I do not have time to go to the dentist

-I cannot easily travel to the dentist

-I cannot find a dentist that accepts my insurance


Most Americans report cost as the primary deterrent to visiting the dentist. Dental insurance is among the more affordable of insurances, and the cost saved by avoiding major oral health complications can be extensive. By spending a smaller amount upfront to see the dentist twice-yearly for a Tulsa teeth cleaning, you can reduce the risk of developing severe and costly oral health problems. Like most areas of human health, prevention is the best tool we have for maintaining long-term oral health.

Don’t need dental care

Much of the same philosophy can be applied to the second most reported reason. Just because our mouths feel and appear healthy does not necessarily mean that they are healthy. It certainly doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t attend twice-yearly Tulsa teeth cleaning appointments. With oral health, prevention is often about catching problems before they get to the point where we, the patients, are even aware of them. Just because things look good to us, doesn’t mean that there aren’t warning signs that our inexpert eyes are missing, but that expert ones may catch.

Don’t have the time

While there’s no arguing that it does take time to go to the dentist, there’s no getting around the part where developing oral health problems will end up taking far more time. Much like spending a smaller amount of money upfront to avoid later, more severe costs, spending a bit of our time upfront can save us from losing much more time later on.

Cannot easily travel there

Many people face transportation problems, and there isn’t always an easy workaround for this. There are a few potentially reasonable approaches, though. Research local public transportation options. Set aside a small fund specifically for paying taxi fares to get to and from the dentist; after all, it is only twice a year. Talk to friends and family to see about ride-sharing; you might even schedule appointments back-to-back with them and really optimize your time.

Won’t accept my insurance

There aren’t too many options when we see a dentist that doesn’t accept our insurance. We can ask that particular office about alternative payment options, we can change our insurance, or we can look for a different dentist. It can be a frustrating and lengthy process, but the odds are, if you have dental insurance there is a dentist out there who will accept it. Often, the quickest way to get a list of dentists that will take your insurance is to contact your insurance provider.

In short

No matter our reasons, it’s important that we find a way to see the dentist twice-yearly for our Tulsa teeth cleaning. Fight past the barriers and schedule an appointment today with Tulsa Modern Dental.