Common Oral Ailments and Remedies

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Human mouths can be finicky. Our teeth and gums can fall into ill health even when we take good care of them. These problems range from the minor and straightforward to the complex and dangerous. Give your teeth the daily attention they need, and keep an eye out for any symptoms, and you should be in the clear. For those times when regular care isn’t enough then it is essential to schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning to see your dentist.

Among the most commonly reported oral health problems are cavities, gum disease, tooth sensitivity, and bad breath. Each of these is preventable and, if developed, can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Below are some of the symptoms that these problems often present with, as well as methods for addressing the issue.

Cavities: These occur when bacterial waste has eaten through to the inside of a tooth and allowed an infection to take root within the tooth interior. This is one of those situations that needs the touch of a dentist. Schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment and have your dentist clean and treat the infected tooth. Symptoms can include tooth sensitivity of the affected tooth, sharp pains from that tooth, and bad odor and smell that comes from the infection.  The pain with a cavity is often worse when chewing or biting down.

Tooth Sensitivity: Teeth grow increasingly sensitive the more their enamel is worn through. Thankfully, your teeth are great at replenishing their enamel coating, provided you take good care of them. Treating tooth sensitivity can sometimes be as simple as being more thorough in your daily at-home oral care practices. Other times this can be more challenging to manage and requires the aid of a dentist. Symptoms are an increased feeling of sensitivity from that tooth, usually presenting as discomfort that can be triggered by eating or drinking.

Bad Breath: Many things can cause bad breath. Not brushing and flossing your teeth enough. Eating pungent foods like garlic or onion. The development of infections in your mouth. Each of these situations can lead to bad breath. In most instances, you can treat that breath by making sure to brush and floss twice a day and to avoid stinky foods. If your bad breath persists, then it’s time to call the dentist and schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning.

Gum Disease: This is a result of plaque buildup on the teeth. Plaque is made up of bacteria, and those bacteria secrete a corrosive waste that eats away at the enamel of your teeth and causes inflammation and weakening of the gums. Symptoms often present as swelling in the gums, bleeding from the gums, and sometimes pain in the affected areas. Proper daily care will usually prevent this and treat it, but there are times when it takes a more serious approach. In those situations, it's best to see your dentist for a Tulsa teeth cleaning and to have them take a look at the problem.

Bad things can happen to our mouths, but many of these problems are preventable and easily treated. Often, these preventions and treatments are things you can do at home, but there are times when it calls for a dentist. Keep ahead of oral health problems; schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment today.


Evan Wei-Haas