Ways Oral Health Impacts Us

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Most folks know that taking care of their teeth and gums is essential. Not as many realize how this daily task can protect the rest of their body. The human body is a complex and interconnected organism. Problems in one part of it can quickly lead to problems in other parts. You could say that what happens in the mouth doesn’t always stay in the mouth.

For instance, endocarditis—this is an infection of the heart that can occur when bacteria from the mouth spreads through the bloodstream. This condition is not unique in its potential to be triggered by poor oral health. Many things can go wrong with our bodies as a result of complications with our oral health. Below are six ailments that connect to health issues in our mouths. If reading these makes your teeth itch and reminds you to schedule that twice-yearly dental cleaning, don’t worry—Tulsa Modern Dental has the Tulsa teeth cleaning you need.

Endocarditis: This is an infection that occurs in the inner lining of the heart. Bacteria is transported there by the bloodstream from other parts of the body, including, but not limited to, the mouth. Keeping a clean mouth won’t ward off all heart disease, but it can reduce the odds of getting heart disease. It’s vital to take proper daily care of your teeth and to make sure you go in twice a year for a Tulsa teeth cleaning.

Periodontitis: A term for mature and established gum disease. Research has discovered a positive correlation between the presence of this illness in pregnant mothers and low birth weight and premature birth in their pregnancies. Keeping your gums clean doesn’t guarantee a healthy baby, but it does up the chances.

Dementia: Efforts are constantly being made to find a cure or prevention for this ailment. During these endeavors, multiple research projects have uncovered connections between oral health problems and dementia. There is not enough evidence to proclaim causality, so we can’t say for sure that oral health problems can cause dementia. However, we can say that preventing oral health problems might reduce the chances of getting dementia.

Respiratory Infection: An infection of the lungs, sinuses, or other elements of the human airway. Doctors have discovered bacteria in the respiratory system that is known to originate in plaque, which is a bacterial buildup that occurs in our mouths. Thankfully, you can prevent this with proper daily care of your teeth and gums. This won’t ward away all respiratory infections, though, just the ones that stem from oral bacteria.

Infertility: Certain bacteria that develop in the mouth are believed to contribute to conception difficulties. Studies into this are ongoing, and an overall conclusion is yet to come. However, researchers have discovered that the presence of these oral bacteria can negatively impact fertility treatments.

Erectile Dysfunction: A strong link exists between gum disease and erectile dysfunction. Research has not emerged to show gum disease as a cause, but it has revealed that it is more likely than not to be present in men who have erectile dysfunction.

Taking care of your oral health is vital for maintaining a healthy body. Thankfully, our mouths can be low-maintenance as long as we treat them with proper regular care. Take those few minutes a day needed to brush your teeth in the morning and the evening, and to floss during one of those times. Also, don’t forget to schedule your twice-yearly dental cleanings.