Considering Dental Implants

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The human body is an amazing organic machine. Not least impressive within our systems is our teeth. With proper care, your teeth can potentially last your whole life. However, it’s common to lose some teeth as you get on in years. Not only that, but people get injured in ways that can cause tooth loss. Considering that our mouths won’t grow new teeth after we’ve developed our adult ones, even if we lose them, this can be a bit of a problem. At your next Tulsa teeth cleaning, ask your dentist why we can’t grow new teeth; the answer might surprise you.

Thanks to medical and scientific advances, even though we can’t regrow adult teeth(yet), we can make and install some impressive replacements. Sure, you can go the full replacement route and get dentures, but there are also individual replacements called dental implants. These are functional and realistic looking fake teeth that replace one or more missing teeth. When you go in for a Tulsa teeth cleaning, the dentist can show you pictures of these implants and let you see how natural they look.

When you lose a tooth, it can have a domino effect on your mouth. It won’t cause you to lose your other teeth, but it can cause other problems. If we don’t fill the spaces between our teeth left by a missing one, then our jawbone can weaken significantly, and our teeth can shift and lean into each other. As you might imagine, these symptoms are problematic.

With dental implants, the natural spacing of your teeth stays as it was. This keeps your jawbone from experiencing that deterioration, and it also keeps your teeth from shifting from their natural positions. Not only will these implants prevent such problems, but they are designed to last a lifetime.

While dentures remain a common option for people to pursue when heavy tooth loss is a problem, there are advantages to choosing dental implants instead. Dental implants can easily outlast dentures when taken care of properly. Also, many patients claim that implants provide a higher degree of comfort. Eating with dentures can sometimes be uncomfortable, but with dental implants, this isn’t a problem.

In general, you can expect dental implants to function like natural teeth once your mouth adapts to them. This process can take from four to six months for completion and healing when using the traditional technique. A large part of this time frame is because traditionally dentists install dental implants over multiple sessions.

First, they drill the hole and place the implant. After that, the dentist will have you wait for three to four months while your mouth heals and your jawbone fuses with the implant post. After that, you will go back to the dentist, and they will apply the crown to the post.

Thankfully, new techniques and surgical tools have allowed for a process that takes much less time overall and can be completed in one session. This more modern method is known as ‘surgically guided implants’ and relies heavily on imaging your mouth and mapping your teeth so that the surgical procedure will cause as little trauma as possible. This allows the dentist to install the entire implant in one session and it allows for a shorter healing time in many instances.

If you’re considering dental implants, there is a lot going for them. However, please don’t make your decision alone; talk to your dentist and see what they think is best for you. Schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning today and see what the experts have to say.