Coping with Sugar Cravings

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We humans love out sugar, that’s no secret. Unfortunately, sugar doesn’t always love us back. This delicious treat can lead to extensive oral health problems when it is allowed to sit and linger on our gums and teeth. The bacteria that likes to grow in our mouth enjoys sugar just as much as we do, and after they’ve digested it, they release an acidic waste directly onto our teeth and gums. This waste can eat through the enamel of our teeth and cause problems for the flesh of our gums.

Not to worry, though! There are ways to mitigate this damage, methods for maximizing the deliciousness of sugar while minimizing the quantity, and all sorts of sweeteners that can serve as fantastic replacements for sugar. One of the first things we should consider is how to reduce sugar cravings in the moment. We can’t just choose not to have cravings, but we can strategize ways to circumvent these cravings. Ask the dentist at your next Tulsa teeth cleaning how they cope with sugar cravings in their own home.

Many people report a reduction in their sugar craving after drinking a full glass of water, as some folks believe that dehydration can contribute to sugar cravings. Others believe that making sure you’re getting plenty of protein in your diet will help to mitigate these cravings. One thing that most people agree on is that reducing your daily stress level can lower your sugar cravings.

While limiting cravings makes sense, it isn’t the only way to cope with the lure of sugar. Another option is to manipulate that sugar’s sweetness in such a way as to maximize its impact on your cravings while minimizing the amount you actually consume. As odd as it may seem, you can have something that tastes sweeter than another dish even though it has less sugar in it. Adding a small bit of salt can sometimes increase the perception of sweetness in a meal. Another neat trick is to heat or cook your sweets—increased temperature leads to a higher perception of sweetness with sugar.

In the modern day, there are all kinds of alternative sweeteners, both artificial and natural. Some people dislike these because of their taste, or by principle, but many of them (specifically the natural options) are considered perfectly healthy by experts and heralded by many as being just as enjoyable as sugar. Stevia may be the most promising of these alternative sweeteners. It is an entirely natural plant product, and studies show that it has far less negative impact on our health than sugar. Some people, though, report that while they love sugar, they can’t stand the taste of stevia. If sweeteners don’t cut it for you, then don’t forget about the previous techniques we’ve mentioned for mitigating sugar cravings.

Whatever method you use to combat your sugar cravings, there are a few things that we all must do. We need to brush our teeth twice a day, floss once a day, and go to the dentist for a Tulsa teeth cleaning twice a year. If you do these things, then the risks that sugar poses to your teeth and gums can often be handled and prevented. Don’t wait, Schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning today!