Cosmetic Dentistry can Help your Career


It’s a sad truth that humans are prone to superficial judgments. We have that saying, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ but we rarely point out that this saying is only needed because we so often do precisely what it proscribes against. We’ve all had those moments of surprise when something turns out differently than it looks. Whether it’s a food that tastes great but seems like it should be disgusting or a shirt that appears scratchy but is unbelievably soft, these phenomena of misperception are all around us.

One of the most common areas where we make these, often erroneous, snap judgments is in our perception of other people. There are many ways in which this occurs, but here we’re going to focus on the role that our teeth and smiles play in these ‘cover readings’ of each other. Think back to times when people have misunderstood your feelings or state of mind and attributed that incorrect reading to how and if you were smiling.

In U.S. society, the bared-teeth smile is treated as a sign of social connection and friendliness. This isn’t the case everywhere. Japanese culture, for instance, treats this style of smiling as a sign of aggression. Because Americans value this open smile that shows the teeth, and because our culture associates poor dental hygiene with negative character attributes, taking care of our teeth and gums has an added layer of importance. This is one of the many reasons that getting those twice-yearly Tulsa teeth cleanings is so essential.

When it comes to gaining, keeping, or progressing upward within careers, the state of our teeth and how we display them plays a significant role. You may think this is a silly norm, and I wouldn’t disagree. Ridiculous or not, though, it’s a reality, and as such it behooves us to take mind of it even if we dislike it.

Imagine two people are interviewing for a job. These people are identical in almost every way. The only noticeable difference is that one of them smiles consistently throughout their interview while the other maintains a calm and neutral expression that rarely shows their teeth. Guess who’s going to get the job. That’s right; the smile wins the day.

Now, this is a silly and unfair way of judging people’s qualifications, but it isn’t outside of our control. Between proper daily care and cosmetic dentistry, we can match our teeth to our needs. Smiling with crooked teeth is better than not smiling, even though we are taught from childhood to be embarrassed about showing any ‘imperfection.’ Smiling with sparkly white and well-aligned teeth is even better. Cosmetic dentistry, and in more extreme cases, orthodontist services, can take you from one to the other. Once your teeth are the way you want, good daily care and a twice-yearly Tulsa teeth cleaning can keep them that way.

With modern techniques and technologies, there are almost no cosmetic problems in the mouth that we can’t fix. Whether it’s missing teeth or misaligned teeth, don’t let these things stand between you and the smile you want. Schedule an appointment for a Tulsa teeth cleaning and start making your smile work for you instead of against you.