The Importance of Dental Cleanings

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Most of us are told from early childhood how essential it is that we go in for a Tulsa teeth cleaning at least twice a year, but as we age into adulthood, some of us begin to lose track of this and may even realize that we don’t know why it was so crucial in the first place. Despite how common it is for adults to slack on these dental cleanings, they are quite important. Regular dental cleanings and checkups are the number one best method for spotting and avoiding oral health problems. As long as you are brushing and flossing every day at home, these Tulsa teeth cleanings are the next most important component of safeguarding your dental hygiene.

The truth is, even with all the tools we have to combat oral health problems, the vast majority of Americans will experience some degree of tooth decay by the age of sixty-five. Considering that only around sixty-four percent of Americans see the dentist regularly, this can be quite concerning. Humans are living far longer than ever before and, as a result, some parts of our bodies, like our teeth, require special care to maintain their viability. Beyond this overarching need for regular Tulsa teeth cleanings, there are specific ways in which these dental cleanings will aid you.

Removal of stains: Our teeth experience a lot of wear throughout our lives, and one of the ways this shows is in staining. During your Tulsa teeth cleaning the dentist will do what they can to remove any staining that is evident on your teeth. While these processes can’t always clear away every bit of stain, they do come remarkably close.

Preventative care and diagnostic analysis: While cleaning your teeth, the dentist pays particular attention to any area in your mouth that shows signs of trouble. Whether this is swelling in the gums, signs of infection, or evidence of enamel erosion, your dentist has the tools and expertise necessary to protect you.

Removal of plaque and tartar: One of the primary focuses during any Tulsa teeth cleaning is to target and remove buildups of plaque and tartar on your teeth. While you can remove tartar with proper home care, plaque is a tougher matter that requires the assistance of a dentist.

Personalized instructions for your teeth: One of the best feelings upon leaving a Tulsa teeth cleaning is knowing exactly what is best for your teeth. After the dentist has completed their work, they will tell you precisely what you need to do to keep your teeth in the best shape possible. From products to techniques, these bits of advice are an essential component of providing your teeth with the best care that you can.

When you know that your teeth are going to experience wear and tear throughout life, it only makes sense to do your best by them. Here at Tulsa Modern Dental, we believe that healthy teeth are happy teeth. Schedule an appointment today and let us lead you to a healthier, happier smile.