Let's Talk Extractions

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When it comes to keeping our teeth, we have a lot of tools and expertise at our disposal. Even so, sometimes the damage is too significant or is left untreated for too long and we must remove the tooth. In dentistry, this process is called a tooth extraction. The odds are good that you’ll experience this at some point in your life, at least once. At your next Tulsa teeth cleaning your dentist can show you which teeth you need to pay special attention to.

While the loss of teeth is something you should strive to avoid, it no longer presents the difficulties that it once did. Not only has a once painful procedure become practically painless and commonplace, but the options for how to replace your extracted tooth have become quite advanced. Long past are the days of simply living with a problematic gap in your smile, causing the rest of your teeth to slowly shift towards the vacant space. Nowadays, there are multiple ways to replace that lost tooth so that nobody but yourself and your Tulsa dentist will ever know it’s gone.

You probably know about dentures, but have you heard about the other options for replacing missing teeth? For starters, you can opt for partial dentures when you only need to replace a few teeth. Another route is to have dental implants installed. These replace individual teeth and mimic a natural tooth’s appearance and function. If your tooth is only somewhat damaged and not needing to be removed, then the use of a crown may suffice. Crowns do as their name implies and go over the top of a damaged tooth to protect it and give you back its usefulness.

It would be best if you deferred to your Tulsa dentist when it comes to tooth extractions, but there is often an element of preference when choosing replacement options for your extracted teeth. Each tooth substitute varies from the others, having their advantages and disadvantages. When deciding what dental procedure to go with, your Tulsa dentist will work with you to determine which one best suits your needs.

Most adults do experience some degree of tooth loss by the age of sixty-five, but with proper care, you can fight the good fight and keep as many of your teeth as possible for as long as possible. This means brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and seeing your Tulsa dentist for a Tulsa teeth cleaning twice a year. This routine can seem like a lot, but if you keep up your daily at-home care for a solid month, you’ll find it quickly becomes an easy habit.

Don’t let being worried about losing teeth keep you from going to the dentist for toothaches or other problems in your mouth; they won’t extract any teeth unless they need to and they’ll replace any extracted teeth and take care of that pain that brought you in. After a few months, you’ll barely know the difference.

Schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment today and fight the good fight.