Tooth Whitening and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental tools floating above a dentist’s open palm.

Dental tools floating above a dentist’s open palm.

Cosmetic dentistry has some of the most desired services within the entire field of dentistry. People have taken their oral care beyond simple maintenance and are trying to make their mouths as comfortable as possible while making their smiles as dazzling as can be. Given how social scientists stress the importance of smiles within U.S. culture, this trend for cosmetic dentistry is not surprising.

While you can purchase over-the-counter tooth whitening kits from just about any pharmacy, it’s recommended that you meet with your Tulsa dentist first and discuss the options with them. Different folks have different teeth, and what works best for one may not work as well for another. This being the case, consulting your Tulsa dentist during your next Tulsa teeth cleaning will make sure that you get the treatment that will minimize harm to your teeth while maximizing their aesthetic appeal and comfort.

Still popular, though not as common as tooth whitening, veneers are a smart option for fixing the appearance of teeth with minimal hassle. Veneers are made from a thin material and anchored to the tooth, almost like an article of permanent clothing for it. This allows you and the dentist to re-imagine a tooth and conceal any discoloration or crookedness with that particular tooth.

For minute precision, enamel contouring can be used to address small imperfections. Whether chipped or cracked, if minor, this procedure can smooth out that area of your tooth and return it to its natural, healthy appearance. While this service doesn’t address as broad of a range of problems as veneers, it can be ideal for small cracks and chips in your teeth.

Dental implants are a more intensive form of cosmetic dentistry but can solve several problems for some patients. When a tooth is lost or removed, it leaves a gap between your remaining teeth, and this can lead to shifting in those teeth; resulting in a crooked and uncomfortable smile. The addition of a dental implant—which is essentially a single fake tooth that is anchored into your gums—can prevent the rest of your teeth from shifting while creating an excellent simulacrum of your missing tooth.

When it comes to our smiles, modern dentistry and orthodontics have provided us with a multitude of options. Whether the problem is purely cosmetic or a mix of aesthetic and functional, there are dental services to take care of your needs. While deciding which procedures to get, it’s very important that you consult your Tulsa dentist and make sure the process chosen is the best choice for your teeth. There are multiple approaches for solving most cosmetic problems with our teeth and which one works best is going to depend on your teeth and the dental team that you work with.

If your smile isn’t what you want it to be, or your teeth are sitting uncomfortably in your mouth; don’t wait. Schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment with Tulsa Modern Dental today, and let the experts take care of your needs.