Our In-House Services Cover All Your Oral Hygiene Needs

Our In-House Services Cover All Your Oral Hygiene Needs.jpg

Teeth cleaning appointments can feel like a pain, but they don’t have to. Many inconveniences can be avoided by choosing the right dentist; from uncomfortable environments of cold steel and harsh lighting, to a series of services, that for some reason, never seem to be in one place. When you come for a Tulsa teeth cleaning at Tulsa Modern Dental, you can set these concerns aside. The environment is carefully tailored for inviting warmth and comfort—designed to reduce the tension and anxiety that many people feel when going to the dentist. The available in-house services are extensive and holistic, making the need to refer patients elsewhere a rarity. But, even with such a remarkable office, sometimes problems do arise that need an outside specialist. In these situations Tulsa Modern Dental can connect you with the right specialist through its extensive connections within the professional dental community.

Dr. Mariam Hanna brings dental expertise from across the nation, distilled through her into the local community. Her range of experience, licenses, and state-of-the art equipment make Tulsa Modern Dental able to handle a wide range of dental services, from the simplest to the medically complex. This enables her to provide expert care to those patients that other dentists aren’t always ready to see. When Dr. Mariam Hanna began her private practice, it was with a determination to provide as much in-house service as possible; guaranteeing consistency and quality, while maintaining an atmosphere of comfort for patients. With Tulsa Modern Dental, she has succeeded.

Services range from Tulsa teeth cleaning, to cosmetic work, to oral surgeries. For those patients that experience elevated levels of anxiety at the dentist, and for those services that can otherwise be painful, Tulsa Modern Dental can provide sedation. Dr. Mariam Hanna is licensed to administer conscious sedation for the services that call for it, but most patients will find that simple gas sedation or oral sedation medications are more than sufficient. But, whether the problem is nervous anxiety or physical pain, you can rest comfortable knowing that these needs will be addressed just as surely as your purely dental ones.

The process starts with a Tulsa teeth cleaning. While here, you will receive a general examination of your oral health. This allows the dentist to spot potential health concerns before they can become a problem for you. With holistic in-house services, these issues can usually be addressed on-site. These problems can often be avoided with regular Tulsa teeth cleaning appointments and daily preventative care at home. But, if they do arise, you can rest assured that the teeth cleaning dentist will spot them during your regular appointment and provide appropriate diagnostic exams and prognostic services. On those rare occasions that an outside specialist is needed, your teeth cleaning dentist is connected to an extensive network of local specialist and is prepared to arrange for whatever dental needs arise.

So, set aside the mystery and worry of dental hygiene and let the tried and true experts at Tulsa Modern Dental give you a Tulsa tooth cleaning today. Click here to schedule your appointment now.