Remembering to go to the Dentist

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A surprisingly large number of Americans have a hard time remembering to go to the dentist. For many of us, it’s not that we’re consciously avoiding these appointments. Instead, it would seem to be a combination of forgetfulness and anxiety. Considering how prevalent both issues are, in general, it shouldn’t be surprising that they interfere with this part of our lives. Surprising or not, the fact remains that through a combination of forgetfulness and anxiety-induced procrastination, a sizable portion of our population is missing out on the well-being of their oral health. Don’t let these things keep you from your Tulsa teeth cleaning; keeping that smile is worth the hassle.

There are a few tactics that we can employ to help make sure we get into that chair and get our teeth taken care of. One of the simplest and most obvious is to make use of the modern calendar that we all carry around in our pockets and purses. Every smartphone has the potential to serve as a digital calendar, and most come preloaded with calendar apps. It’s a matter of seconds to jot down your next dental appointment into your digital calendar and set it to remind you in whatever intervals work best for you.

Another area of focus for our efforts is the basic psychologies of anxiety and procrastination. By recognizing what our brains are doing, we can sometimes override these subconscious pitfalls. Many of us who experience anxiety over going to the dentist, feel it the most in those moments leading up to scheduling the appointment and on the day of. The best way to tackle this is to just get it done. Make that call, or schedule online, but just do it. If the type of anxiety you experience is preparatory, then this can absolve much of it. In line with this, it’s useful to schedule your appointments as early in the day as possible to minimize how much time there is fret about it. These tips can help both with anxiety and general procrastination.

If we still have difficulty making the appointment or showing up, then we might consider scheduling with a friend or family member. This might mean more time spent, but it will also make it harder for us to forget or not show. When we worry about our actions impacting others, and not just ourselves, we get an added boost of incentive. Not only that, but we get another person to help us remember and to galvanize us on the day of. Whatever it takes, keeping up with that Tulsa teeth cleaning is essential.

Something that is always worth doing is having your dentist provide you with a reminder. Most dentist offices are more than willing to provide phone call reminders in the weeks leading up to your dental appointment. If you end up missing your appointment, for whatever reason, always reschedule. They’re people too, with all the same problems as the rest of us, and they really do understand. Besides, it’s a business, and they most certainly want you as a customer. Don’t put it off any longer, schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning appointment now!