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We all want our teeth to shine. It’s a big part of what makes that sparkling smile sparkle. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things in our lives that can, and often do, stain or damage our teeth. Foods and beverages can cause staining, smoking habits do the same, and even some medications can either alter the color of your teeth or make them more porous and therefore more susceptible to future staining. Luckily, there are ways to deal with these problems. Ways to keep your smile stain-free, or to get rid of those stains that are already there. Of course, scheduling a regular Tulsa teeth cleaning is an important start, but there are many things you can do in conjunction with that.


Berries, soda, sauces, and more. Many types of food and beverage can stain your teeth, or make your teeth more vulnerable to staining from other sources. One general rule of thumb is that foods or beverages that are high in citrus or acidity are dangerous to your teeth; predominantly by eroding the enamel that protects them. The bacteria that form in our mouths can also stain your teeth—as a result of the acids that they release when they process sugars. To keep your smile bright, keep track of what you’re subjecting your teeth too, brush and floss twice daily, and schedule a regular Tulsa teeth cleaning.

Keeping it Bright

There are some foods reported to actually help in preventing and reducing staining. Some swear by the use of coconut oil—the idea being that applying the oil to your teeth can cause the oil to leech the stains from your teeth and into the oil, which you then remove. While this is not a proven remedy, it does have the benefit of being harmless. Others prefer to use citrus peels or apple cider vinegar. While this approach has acidic properties that may help to remove stains, those same acids can also eat away at the enamel of your teeth; so, use these with caution, if at all. Some doctors have even suggested that strawberries, onions, and nuts can help with removing surface stains. One thing should be apparent: there are a lot of controversies out there about how to deal with tooth staining at home. The obvious and medically suggested solution is to see your dentist regularly and to schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning.

The Pros

While some of the home remedies may help, there are people who we know for sure can, and do, help. Dentists are well trained and educated on how to protect your teeth from stains, and how to remove stains that have already accumulated. We consider our smiles important, and when it comes to important things we should always look to the experts. Dentistry can protect that smile, keep it sparkling, and bring back the sparkle if it’s been. With a range of options from in-office treatments to at-home products, you can trust Tulsa Modern Dental to help you take care of your smile.

Best Practice

If you want to try some of these alternative remedies for tooth stains, then be sure to consult your dentist first so as to make sure that what you’re doing won’t cause more harm than good. Many of the remedies being suggested on the internet use acidic properties that require careful measuring to avoid damaging the enamel of your teeth, and some of them have yet to show any consistent merit. The best practice is to call your dentist, schedule a Tulsa teeth cleaning, and ask about their cosmetic dentistry services and what you can safely do at home to protect your smile.